Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Well, the summer came and went just about as fast as I can blink. So many things have taken place in our lives. I think that the pictures and captions will tell all. Besides the family growing older, I guess we are growing wiser too. Finally after 3 years I am going to graduate with a B.A!

We enjoyed a vacation to Florida with the folks. where we swam all day for 7 days. Enjoyed visiting with Grandma Pam, played with our cousins, and went to the beach. It was fun and relaxing... a well needed vacation.

We had birthdays....3 to be exact.

Hannah turned 6 to Hannah Montana

Seth turned 5 to ...what else but... Star Wars

and Doug turned 1, although he never really seemed thrilled about the whole idea.


We have had first days of school. Hannah started Kindergarten and Seth entered his last year of preschool.

We have had play days, and family days

Halloween days

and now Fall days.

Officially the letters have be written to Santa, and we are awaiting Christmas... already. Wow. Hopefully I wn't be so long until the next update. Until then. Have a very happy fall!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some special people

As I mentioned...some of Seths greatest heroes. What a lucky boy!

After a long lull....

It has been a few months since February and alot has happened. Brian and I ran/walked the Indy mini. Brian beat his previous time and I finished! Douglas is almost 9 months old. He is crawling like a pro, and trucking along the furniture. I suspect he will be walking in a few weeks.

Douglas, ever growing and changing. He spent his first day at the zoo last weekend and seemed to enjoy it... all but the fish and sharks. We also went to a fort Wayne Tin Caps baseball game. so alot of firsts for him! He is beginning to talk and saying things like mama, and dada, nana, buba. It has been fun having a baby in the house again. But I do believe that I am happy and do not wish for another, if they didn't require so much work and so much lack of sleep.
We have also had some excitement here at our home. Our good friend Christian is a helicopter pilot... and loves to land in our wide open spaces! Brian, Hannah and I all went on rides over Leo. It was awesome. Hannah really loved it, and wants to go again. I think we have an adrenaline junkie on our hands:)

We also had big graduations! Hannah is officially done with preschool and moving on the kindergarten next fall. And Seth goes from the early learners to the PreK class! My two did great and seem to really love school. I have been to some kindergarten orientations, and meetings. I am going to join the PTO and trying to get involved as much as I can. She is on the brink of reading and writing. It is really amazing!

Hannah had her end of the year recital. It was well done, she looked very cute. She really likes dance and plans to continue next year. She really has no stage fright..its great

At the Tim Caps game we were able to meet some really special people. Seth's heroes were there that night... Darth Vador, some Stormtroopers, Emperor Palpatine and a few other characters from Star Wars... There were fireworks to the music and Seth for the first time liked the fireworks! It was a great day! I am looking forward to many more great days this summer... less work and more play! Loving it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ahhhh Arizona!

Ahh, Spring is here...wait...near...wait you mean to tell me it is a -10 degree wind chill outside?? So off to Arizona we fly, where the weather is a perfect 80 degrees for a straight 5 days! Now I am really cold. We had a great trip, minus the trip to the ER and the possible speeding ticket (it hasn't arrived in the mail yet.. but I am almost 100% positive the flash was on me). But as the slogan in our household goes, "another vacation, another sick kid." Douglas ended up with all the symptoms of RSV...but according to the wonderfully trained professionals at the Phoenix Children's Urgent Care Center, it was a common cold and nothing but a little violent suctioning of the sinus cavity will do! I am sorry to those of you in the nursing/doctor health care sector, but this Mamma was HOT. He had classic RSV symptoms, and have you tried suctioning out a 5 almost 6 month old with a bulb syringe...yet alone a high powered high vac that is being prodded up his nostrils with out even being given a chance to breath! HOT MAMMA. Anyway, he's better. Still wheezy and coughy, thank God for my WONDERFUL family doctor...BOND, Thomas Bond....

Overall the trip was great, we went to the Zoo, swam, and had picnics in the park. We had a great time with Uncle Nik and our Great Aunt Lucile. I also learned that I was lied to as a child... did you know that camels store fat inside those humps... all this time I thought it was water. Well now I know, thanks to the great people at the zoo... and the wonderful camel ride.

I recommend a trip out to Phoenix whenever you get the chance.. I would move there, but Brian said no. Maybe someday I will retire there, that is if retirement is even an option for me.

My nice free schedule is quickly coming to an end, and I will be back to 4 days a week for several months... eeek. I think I need a nanny, a maid and a cook, maybe a million dollars too.

I hope this finds all our friends in good health! God Bless!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ice Snow...and FREEZING!

AHHH! To be able to just sleep. So comfortable, so peaceful, the middle of the floor!

Although it was beatuiful... I am glad the ice is gone.

The RUST 2nd cousins I think:)

So between the electricity....snow....freezing temps....more snow..more freezin temps our upcomming vacation to Pheonix is looking better and better. We are surving the "deep freeze" here in the northern sector of Fort Wayne. The children have had alot of fun, sleding, building snowmen, and ice skating! We have had fun playdates with friends and made hot cocoa and cookies. I start teaching again this semester and am hopefully one class from graduating!! I sometimes wonder... had i just went for the medical degree that I had thought about I would be done by now, but I didn't want to spend that much time in school...huh..

Doug is 4+months now and loves to eat. Hannah is learning about the ups and downs of friendships, especially with girls, and Seth is realizing that the whole world does not revolve around Star Wars. I hope that this finds everyone well, until next time..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Our little guy is getting so big.. and he is so cute!

Our little rock star!

The kids in their Christmas jammies... oh so cute!

Seth is a jersey fan... he got 2 colts and of course his favorite.. the Cowboys

Even Doug got some Colts things!!

As you all can see we all are well. Christmas was great! Hannah and Seth made out very well, Santa did good. Douglas loved his new toys too. This seemed to be the year of the Colts, we all got new jerseys. Hannah got alot of Hannah Montanta, she wants to be a rock star too. Mommy got new socks and a wall clock, and Daddy got a movie (that we will never have time to watch). Little Dougie is growing up big and fast. He holds himself up like a pro, and is attempting to roll over. He is sleeping all night and eating cereal...which he loves! He even slept in his own room last night! We are at a turning point!

New Years eve came and went.. but we are all looking foward to a new and exciting 2009! We hope everybody else had a wonderful Holiday season too!